Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Students use web in exams

This just came out in BBC news. Denmark is piloting the use of the Internet and student laptops during their state exams. Mind you this is not a computer-based test that students type their answers online. This is a test that has only four questions, the students use whatever materials they have on their computers or online research to solve the problems. The only thing banned is communication with other students or other people via email or IM and the like.

My favorite line from the article is, Students are no longer required to regurgitate facts and figures. Instead the emphasis is on their ability to sift through and analyse (sic) information. While many educators in America would say the same statement, Denmark is moving toward a society that doesn't just talk about changing education, but lives out that reality with its entire education system. Minister for education in Denmark, Bertel Haarder, says: "Our exams have to reflect daily life in the classroom and daily life in the classroom has to reflect life in society."

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